Reading & Writing Exercises For Children Pre-K to K2 

English Learning Video Tutorials & Printable Worksheets for Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade Children.

ABC Words Video tutorial tips: Watch short segments and pause. Ask questions about what you just watched. The beauty of videos is that you can control the pace at which knowledge is presented. Kids cannot take in too much at a time. Although we have a lot to teach in one video, it is not advisable to present all at once. However, if your kids simply need revision, you can go through more quickly. You can always show video in full screen.

Using Worksheets : Worksheets under this category are suitable for teaching phonics & letters of the alphabet to young learners. There are letters to trace and pictures that go along with each letter sound. Worksheets are in PDF format. Simply print out and practice writing with your kids/pupils. Get more practice with other videos on these links :

A B C Letters &Words Video Tutorial


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Watch more videos below:
Aa to Hh | Ii to Pp | Qq to Zz

A to E Letters & Words Worksheets

K to O Letters & Words Worksheets

U to Z Letters & Words Worksheets

More Math Practice Below

  1. Numbers 31 to 40 Trace & Color
  2. Numbers 41 to 50 Trace & Color
  3. Numbers 51 to 60 Trace & Color
  4. Numbers 61 to 70 Trace & Color
  5. Numbers 71 to 80 Trace & Color
  6. Numbers 81 to 90 Trace & Color
  7. Numbers 91 to 100 Trace & Color
  8. Addition & Making Numbers Worksheets
  9. Subtraction Worksheets
  10. Money Worksheets
  11. Time Worksheets
  12. Graphs and Data Worksheets
  13. Measurements Worksheets
  14. Division Worksheets
  15. Money Worksheets
  16. Multiplication Worksheets
  17. Probability Worksheets

F to J Letters & Words Worksheets

  1. F Trace & Spell Fish
  2. G Trace & Spell Goat
  3. H Trace & Spell Hamburger
  4. I Trace & Spell Ice cream
  5. J Trace & Spell Jacket

P to S Letters & Words Worksheets

  1. P Trace & Spell Panda
  2. Q Trace & Spell Queen
  3. R Trace & Spell Rooster
  4. S Trace & Spell Seal
  5. T Trace & Spell Tiger



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